Arbor Green Tree Service in Monroe, CT, Delivers Stellar Tree Removal Service for Multiple Tree Species

Arbor Green Tree Service in Monroe, CT, Delivers Stellar Tree Removal Service for Multiple Tree Species

by | May 8, 2024

When a group of trees put a Monroe, CT, homeowner’s fenceline in jeopardy, they knew they needed professional help. Arbor Green Tree Service in Monroe, CT rose to the occasion. In the case study below, you’ll see how our tree-cutting professionals addressed the unique challenge this customer’s property posed.

  • Client Profile: Residential client
  • Location: Monroe, CT – Fairfield County
  • Type of Service: Tree removal 
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Tree Type: 7 trees of varying species: Spruce, Hemlock, and Cherry trees
  • Equipment Used: Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane equipped with a grapple saw, 21″ Morbark chipper, 25-yard chip truck, Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer, and ground protection mats by Alturna
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: This job has its challenges due to a damaged tree leaning into another by the customer’s fence and shed
  • Client Preferences: Client wanted to take measures to protect the fence and landscape


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A Customer in Need: Professional Tree Removal Company Answers the Call 

This residential client living in Monroe, CT, had seven trees in their yard that needed professional tree removal. The species included Hemlock, Cherry, and Spruce trees. Though the trees were beautiful in their prime, damage to the plants caused several of them to lean, making them hazardous to the client’s fence line and landscape.

Expert Monroe Tree Removal with Multiple Challenges

Arbor Green Tree Services in Monroe, CT took the time to thoroughly inspect the client’s trees, learn the extent of the damage, and determine the best tree removal method. All seven trees didn’t appear to be hazardous, yet one tree had major damage and leaned into another. The damage was impacting the client’s fencing and nearby shed.

As soon as our Monroe tree removal crew developed a plan, we executed it immediately. Using equipment like an Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane with a grapple saw, a Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer, and a 21″ Morbark chipper, our crew safely removed all seven trees in about two hours. We also used a 25-yard chip truck to haul debris and Alturna ground protection mats to shield the client’s landscape from the mess. 


tree removal service


Assignment Success: Emergency Tree Removal in Monroe, CT

It’s no wonder why Arbor Green Tree Service in Monroe, CT, is at the top of lists when people in Monroe search for “tree removal near me.” With this tree removal, we demonstrated expert planning, equipment use, and professionalism. Our arborists worked quickly and efficiently to ensure the satisfaction of our client. 

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