A Look Into Arbor Green Tree Service’s Residential Tree Removal Project in Stratford, CT

A Look Into Arbor Green Tree Service’s Residential Tree Removal Project in Stratford, CT

by | Feb 27, 2024

Do you think all tree removal jobs disrupt the surrounding environment? Think again. 

The client for this particular project didn’t mind a bit of leftover mess, but the Arbor Green Tree Service still made sure to exceed expectations by leaving the site cleaner than when they arrived.


Before the project

Before the project

What To Know About This Professional Tree Removal Project in Milford, CT

  • Client profile: Residential homeowner
  • Location: Stratford, CT — Fairfield County
  • Type of service: Tree Removal
  • Duration: Five hours
  • Tree size: Five feet in diameter
  • Equipment used: Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane equipped with a grapple saw, Morbark 21” Chipper, 25-yard chip truck, Vermeer Ctx 160 mini skid steer, 50-yard debris grapple truck, Alturna ground protection mats  
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Fall
  • Specific challenges: Soft ground conditions, and the tree had very large leads with wide cavities at the crotches partially going over the house.
  • Tree type: Red oak
  • Client preferences: Customer told Arbor Green Tree Service that ground protection wasn’t necessary nor should they worry about the surrounding lawn.

An Efficient Tree Removal in Stratford, CT, During Autumn  

The wet months can complicate oak tree removal in Stratford, CT, due to soft, waterlogged ground, but Arbor Green Tree Service was up to the challenge. Despite the customer’s indifference to any leftover mess, they deployed specialized mats to preserve the integrity of the lawn. The team treats every property with the utmost respect and care. 

Arbor Green Tree Service’s Safe Tree Removal Approach in Fairfield County

Arbor Green Tree Service takes great pride in their emergency tree removal process in Stratford, CT. Here’s how they do it:

  • Preparation: The team begins by assessing the site, meticulously planning the removal path, and installing rigging systems to control the descent of heavy branches and sections of the trunk.
  • Hazardous tree removal: The skilled professionals utilized special machinery like grapple saws and chip trucks to reach the upper canopy and slowly dismantle the red oak.
  • Stump grinding services: Why waste precious materials? Arbor Green Tree Service processed the debris through a powerful chipping machine, turning potential waste into useful mulch.
  • Cleanup: Thanks to the robust mat system, there was minimal cleanup needed and the lawn sustained no damage.

A well-executed tree removal reduces risks, frees up space for new growth, and can even elevate property aesthetics. Arbor Green Tree Service delivered on all fronts with rigorous standards and a touch of finesse.  


Tree successfully removed without disruption

Tree successfully removed without disruption


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