Arbor Green Tree Service of Milford, CT’s Red Oak Emergency Tree Removal Case Study—Fairfield, Connecticut

Arbor Green Tree Service of Milford, CT’s Red Oak Emergency Tree Removal Case Study—Fairfield, Connecticut

by | Mar 30, 2024

A storm struck Fairfield County, affecting power lines and the area’s trees. One tall tree crashed onto a roof; a large red oak. The homeowner contacted Arbor Green Tree Service of Milford, CT, around 5 am, and by 6.30 am, emergency tree removal was underway.

oak emergency tree removal

Before oak emergency tree removal


Red Oak Removal Case Details in Fairfield, CT

A towering red oak tree around 5.5 feet in diameter woke the property’s residents as it fell onto the Fairfield, CT, home. At 5 am, the homeowner got Arbor Green Tree Service of Milford, CT, on the line for assistance. The client needed urgent tree removal to bar further property damage, particularly to the roof.

  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Fairfield, CT – Fairfield County
  • Type of service: Emergency tree removal
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Tree size: 5.5 feet in diameter
  • Tree Type: Red Oak
  • Equipment: Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane with grapple saw, Grove 4100L 85-ton stick crane, Morbark 21” chipper, 25-yard chip truck, Vermeer Ctx 160 mini skid steer, 50-yard debris grapple truck, Alturna ground protection mats
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Summer
  • Challenges: Power lines in the way, a brick wall ready to give out, and a very tight, unique backyard housing two cranes (one to support the wood mass and the Knuckleboom to dismantle the top end of the tree in pieces)
  • Client preferences: Emergency hazard mitigation
during oak emergency tree removal

During oak emergency tree removal


Fairfield Red Oak Client Had Urgent Concerns

The tree was in the forest behind the Fairfield County house. It fell over the brick wall. As it landed on the house’s rooftop, it destroyed a significant portion of the home’s upper floor.

Due to the precautions surrounding damage, these emergency tree services took eight hours. After laying down Alturna ground protection mats, the team navigated downed power lines within this tight backyard with two cranes. The priority tree removal began when all was safe.

after oak emergency tree removal

After oak emergency tree removal


The Red Oak’s Removal Process

The Grove 4100L 85-ton stick crane lifted the trunk for safe, rapid tree removal. Meanwhile, the Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane with a grapple saw dismantled it piece by piece. The Vermeer Ctx 160 mini skid steer and 50-yard debris grapple truck then moved the wood to the Morbark 21” Chipper and away.

Fairfield Red Oak Emergency Removal

The original job site was a disaster. However, the licensed, insured team proved its experience in emergency tree care and cleaned up without a hitch. The grateful client agreed that Arbor Green Tree Service in Fairfield, CT, successfully completed the emergency tree removal

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