Emergency Tree Removal in Easton By Arbor Green Tree Service in Easton, CT

Emergency Tree Removal in Easton By Arbor Green Tree Service in Easton, CT

by | May 8, 2024

Sometimes, homeowners need urgent tree removal services following bad weather. A residential client in Easton called Arbor Green Tree Service in Easton, CT to remove a storm-damaged tree. We immediately responded as a professional emergency tree removal company to ensure the safety of this client in Fairfield County.

  • Client Profile: Residential client, single-family home
  • Location: Easton, CT – Fairfield County
  • Type of Service: Emergency tree removal
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tree Type: Red maple
  • Tree Size: 40″ diameter
  • Equipment Used:
    • Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane equipped with a grapple saw
    • 21″ Morbark chipper
    • 25-yard chip truck
    • Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer
    • Dump trailer
    • Alturna ground protection mats
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: High winds during a storm caused this rotting red maple tree to fall directly on the client’s roof. The crew had to take extra care to remove this maple due to it breaking the support of the roof. We acted fast to prevent further water damage from heavy rain.
  • Client Preferences: This was an emergency request. The client needed immediate help, so Arbor Green Tree Service was the first on the scene to handle this delicate tree removal.


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Swift Tree Removal Response in Easton for a Client in Immediate Need

An Easton property owner developed a major problem due to a spring storm with strong winds. Their Red Maple tree with a 40″ diameter fell onto their home’s roof. Rapid response tree removal was important so they could properly inspect the roof damage and schedule storm damage repairs.


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Immediate Tree Removal Assistance in Easton, CT, From Local Professionals

When our arborists quickly arrived on the scene and evaluated the damage, we discovered the heavy tree was breaking the roof’s support structure. Our crew needed to act quickly to prevent additional damage from the tree and rainfall.

Our professional crew used multiple tools and equipment to carefully remove the downed tree during this four-hour emergency tree removal including an Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane and grapple saw, a 25 yard chip truck, and a 21″ Morbark chipper. We also used a Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer and dump trailer to haul the tree’s remains and Alturna ground protection mats to prevent landscape damage.

Successful 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Easton, CT

Arbor Green Tree Service in Easton, CT maintained the utmost professionalism and care with this emergency tree removal in Easton. With our help, this homeowner was able to restore their roof. We did what was necessary to protect our client’s property and their safety.


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