Stratford, CT, Business With a Dead Maple Tree Turns to Arbor Green Tree Service for Tree Removal

Stratford, CT, Business With a Dead Maple Tree Turns to Arbor Green Tree Service for Tree Removal

by | Apr 23, 2024

A dead and brittle maple tree at the rear of a Stratford, CT, business was unsightly and dangerous. The business owners called on Arbor Green Tree Service for safe tree removal without damage to the neighboring property. 


dead maple tree removal - Arbor Green Tree Service


  • Client Profile: Commercial client
  • Location: Stratford, CT – Fairfield County
  • Type of Service: Crane Assisted Tree removal
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Tree Size: 2 feet in diameter
  • Equipment Used: Effer 225 Knuckleboom crane equipped with a grapple saw, Morbark 21” Chipper, 25-yard chip truck, Vermeer Ctx 160 mini skid steer
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Summer
  • Specific Challenges: This job proved tedious because the tree was very dead and brittle. 
  • Tree Type: Maple
  • Client Preferences: The customer wanted to make sure there was no damage to their property. We were also careful to protect the old-style barn on the neighboring property that granted us permission to use the property.

Prioritizing Property Protection During Tree Cutting 

Precision Tree Removal in Stratford 

A dead maple tree on a commercial property presented a unique challenge to the Milford, CT-based Arbor Green Tree Service team. Not only did the condition of the tree require careful and precise cuts, but accessing it required permission from a neighboring property owner. That property owner especially wanted to protect an old-fashioned barn. 

A Customized Approach to Professional Tree Removal in the Milford, CT, Area

Crane-Assisted Removal and Complete Cleanup 

A dead tree is an eyesore and could fall during storms, so the property owner wanted a tree removal company to take it down safely. Arbor Green Tree Service developed a tree-cutting plan to ensure no damage to the surrounding property. This involved taking the tree down in sections, using a specialized crane with a grapple saw and a mini skid steer. 

After dismantling the tree, we took care of the debris using a chipper and a 25-yard chip truck. Every branch and section of the trunk went into the chipper, ensuring a clean, safe area. 


dead maple tree removal 2 - Arbor Green Tree Service


Fast and Efficient Tree Removal for a Milford, CT, Business 

Hassle-Free Tree Removal Near Me 

When the Stratford, CT, business owner searched for tree removal near me, Arbor Green Tree Service was ready to help. In just about an hour, the tree removal team cut down the dead maple tree, eliminating the risk that it could fall and require emergency tree removal. The exceptional skill of the tree care professionals demonstrated in this case study confirms their position as the leading local tree removal service. 


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