Arbor Green Tree Service Delivers Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Milford, CT

Arbor Green Tree Service Delivers Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Milford, CT

by | Apr 25, 2024

Towering arboreal specimens shade our yards and beautify our landscapes, but what if they pose a hazard or obstruct essential views? A crane-assisted tree removal might prove necessary.

Arbor Green Tree Service’s recent project in Milford, CT, showcased expertise and the kind of care people want when it comes to handling these giants of nature. 


crane-assisted tree removal

Specimens that required tree removal with crane equipment


Breaking Down a Crane-Supported Tree Removal Job in Milford, CT

  • Client Profile: Neighboring residential clients (two properties)
  • Location: Milford, CT – Fairfield County
  • Type of Service: Crane-assisted tree removal
  • Duration: Nine hours 
  • Tree Size: Various sizes
  • Equipment Used: Effer 225 knuckle boom crane equipped with a grapple saw, Morbark 21” Chipper, 25-yard chip truck, Vermeer CTX160 mini skid steer, 50-yard debris grapple truck, and Alturna ground protection mats
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: The first client needed a tree uprooted since it damaged their patio. While Arbor Green Tree Service was on site servicing that request, the client’s relative, who lived next door, also wanted trees removed. This project required a swift permit acquisition to save time and ensure compliance with local regulations. 
  • Tree Type: Wide variety of arboreal species


crane-assisted tree removal

Using cranes for tree removal


An Unexpected Tree Removal Crane Hire

During the Milford project, the client’s mother saw the expert work and requested a similar order for their property. They wanted to remove the trees blocking their lake view and those growing precariously near power lines. Arbor Green Tree Service managed to secure all necessary permits in just 24 hours, highlighting their efficiency and deep understanding of local regulations. 

Efficient Crane Tree Removal Services in Milford

The Milford crew guaranteed a swift and safe job with their exhaustive approach:

  • Site preparation: Before a single leaf fell, the specialists laid down sturdy mats to protect the landscape.
  • Premier equipment: The specimens in question were so tall and grew in such tricky spots that traditional tree methods were out of the question. The team brought in specialized vehicles for their power and precision.
  • Client consultation: The customer’s peace of mind was always the top priority. That’s why the Arbor Green Tree Service crew starts every project with a thorough discussion to understand every need and concern.

Arbor Green Tree Service successfully accomplished two crane-assisted tree removal jobs in Milford, CT. They also delivered real-time updates that kept the clients in the loop. 


A safer and more beautiful space

A safer and more beautiful space

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