What Are the Bumps on the Leaves of Your Trees?

Have you noticed tiny, raised formations on the surface of some of your tree leaves? What are the bumps on the leaves of your trees? In this brief guide, we'll explain what those mean and what you should do about them. Once you learn more about this vital topic, you...

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How To Mulch Around Trees the Right Way

Applying mulch around your trees’ bases provides numerous benefits that help them thrive while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. However, improper mulching can significantly harm your trees and even kill them in certain situations. Unfortunately, many Stratford...

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How to Treat a Sick Tree: Tips for Homeowners

Your trees need extra loving care to keep them growing healthy and beautiful, and this includes giving them proper treatment when sick.  In this post, the professionals at Arbor Green Tree Service show you how to treat a sick tree before you think about tree...

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Can a Half-Dead Tree Be Saved?

Can a half-dead tree be saved? Staring at a struggling specimen in your yard, you might feel torn between hope and resignation. Don’t throw in the trowel just yet.  As a provider of trusted tree service in Stratford, CT, our crew at Arbor Green Tree Service...

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How Often To Water Newly Planted Trees

Knowing how often to water newly planted trees can mean the difference between a lush, quickly growing specimen and a sad, rotting one. Why risk the life of your sapling when a little bit of due diligence can save the day? As one of Milford’s excellent tree...

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4 Tree Removal Tools and Equipment Pros Use

What tree removal tools and equipment do the professionals use? In this article, Arbor Green Tree Service, Milford's expert tree removal services, explains more about the tools they use when diagnosing why trees are dying and fixing the issue.  The...

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Can a Mature Tree Be Transplanted?

You don’t have to cut down a tree just because you don’t like where it’s growing. Growing a tree takes a great deal of time, effort, and money, and you don’t want all that to go to waste.  You can simply move the tree to another location. The best thing about...

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Fallen Tree Standing Back Up: Is It Possible?

Have you ever looked outside one day to discover your beloved specimen had toppled over from a recent storm or strong winds? What if a few days later, your eye catches the same fallen tree standing back up as if nothing had happened? As one of Milford’s trusted...

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4 Common Tree Problems and Their Solutions

When you notice tree problems, you need to act quickly and correctly. In this post, Arbor Green Tree Service, LLC, a company providing reliable tree removal services in Milford, CT, explains the most common issues and what to do about them.  1. Insufficient...

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Do Roots Still Grow When a Tree Is Cut Down?

Do roots still grow when a tree is cut down? The answer may surprise you — the roots can continue to grow. In this post, Arbor Green Tree Service LLC, Milford's professional tree removal service explains more about why roots grow after removing the...

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