What Causes Large Holes in Tree Trunks in Newtown, CT?

If you want to know, “What causes large holes in tree trunks?” you are probably dealing with this problem on your property.

Seeing tree trunks with holes can be disheartening. Trees are so beautiful and majestic that we naturally want to save those in distress. Your heart is in a good place if you are looking for ways to stop this problem and save your trees.

Follow these steps from a tree service in Newtown, CT, to learn a few common causes of large holes in tree trunks.

what causes large holes in tree trunks

The Causes of Large Holes in Tree Trunks 

“What causes large holes in tree trunks?” has many answers. A professional tree service can prevent worries by knowing when to trim the tree or perform other essential arborist services. In the meantime, here’s what could be hurting your tree s trunk.

Human Activity

Sometimes, people make holes in a tree trunk to get sap for a recipe or carve out a chunk for carpentry projects. Often, these holes damage the tree. Professionals know how to drill and cut trees so that they heal.

Creepy Crawlers

Some insects gnaw on trees and use the holes for their eggs and larvae. Those critters can carry fungal spores. If they do, those spores can create even bigger holes.

Woodpeckers Love Decaying Wood

Birds use their beaks to peck tree trunks and branches in a tree’s canopy. If you see a woodpecker doing this, the tree is more than likely already dying. That is because woodpeckers prefer to peck at decaying wood. If you use an arborist to care for your trees, they can recommend ways to keep woodpeckers away.

Storms Cause Insidious Damage

Storms pose a lot of risk to trees. Sometimes they rip them out of the ground or leave them standing but devastated. You might not notice other damage until a hole appears.

A professional tree service will know if a storm caused the holes in your tree and how you should proceed.

Old Age

Old age causes tree holes. A tree like this should be left alone. It is only dangerous if the tree is weak and might fall.

Squirrels Squat in Existing Holes

Squirrels usually invade existing holes and can make them even larger. To get rid of them, wrap chicken wire around the base of the tree. This helps prevent other animals from using the tree, too.

Contact Arbor Green Tree Service for Tree Care and Other Tree Services

A tree’s health is crucial to how long it lives. Just because a tree is standing doesn’t mean it is healthy or even living. That is why professional tree services are vital to the health of your trees. A professional tree service can do a tree removal and suggest ways to replant a tree with strategic growth if it is not past its prime.

If you are in Newtown and want to know more about, “What causes large holes in tree trunks?” contact Arbor Green Tree Service LLC at 203-615-2496. Our team can also address trees with hanging branches

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