Here’s What To Do with a Tree With Hanging Branches in Newtown, CT?

If you have a tree with hanging branches, you know it causes a lot of problems. A tree with hanging branches threatens the safety of property, people, and your four-legged family members. It needs to be taken care of safely and fast. 

However, cutting tree branches is precarious work, and one wrong move could threaten your safety and the livelihood of the tree. That’s why it’s generally best to work with a leading tree service in Newton, CT instead of tackling this project on your own. 

Here’s what you need to know about handling trees with hanging branches. 

tree with hanging branches

How To Deal With Hanging Branches

The following steps are essential for dealing with a tree with hanging branches.

Use Prevention

The best way to deal with a tree with hanging branches is to prevent them from getting so large that they hang. To do this, you should

  • Work with a reliable arborist
  • Schedule regular appointments for trimming branches
  • Take care of branches damaged by storms or other emergencies right away.

Do Away With Misconceptions

Trees are tremendous sources of beauty. Some people find it hard to give them proper care because they don’t want to ruin their beauty or health with branch growth containment. In reality, this care maintains a tree’s beauty and health so if you have trees like

  • Weeping evergreen trees
  • Blue atlas cedar
  • Giant oak trees

Don’t let a fear of containing them keep you from shaping them.

For example, all types of weeping trees serve as good examples of trees that people think are too pretty to cut. But the safety of these trees and those who live near them depends on regular care from an arborist. Arborists understand that these trees form dense tangles of branches that run the risk of falling and causing extensive harm.

The Dangers of DIY Tree Work

Handling this project on your own could mean dealing with 20 to 30-foot branches. Most people don’t have the tools for that. You also need to prepare for visibility problems caused by a partial or full sun. That takes practice and the right safety gear.

Instead of trying to handle a tree that is however many feet tall, get the help you need when faced with a tree with hanging branches. A team of professional arborists has the knowledge and the tools to do all of this.

Get the Proper Help for a Tree With Hanging Branches

Arbor Green Tree Service is available to take care of a tree hanging with dead branches, the prevention of dead tree branches, and more. Our knowledge of tree growth means that we take care of tree problems while also protecting trees. Our work protects the whole of your property and the people who live on it or visit it. 

If you live around Newton, contact us at 203-615-2496 so we can answer your questions and schedule you for the best tree service in the area.

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