Why Should You Remove Dead Tree Branches? A Guide for Newton, CT, Residents

Trees are living things and can die, just like any other living thing. Individual branches may die due to damage or disease while leaving the main trunk unaffected. If you have dead tree branches, it’s in your best interest to get dead branch removal service as soon as possible. Aside from safety concerns, rot from dead tree branches can spread to the rest of a healthy tree. With that in mind, the team at Arbor Green Tree Services is here with this guide on dealing with dead branches. 

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Why Do Tree Branches Die?

It might seem confusing at first how one branch on a tree can be dead right next to a healthy living one. The answer is that trees redirect resources to different parts when necessary. Dead tree branches usually had some damage or disease, so the tree started directing resources away from it to healthier tree parts.

The easiest way to tell if a tree branch is dead is to break off a small piece and look inside. Living tree branches will be springier and harder to snap, and the inside will have a greenish hue to it. Dead branches, on the other hand, are very brittle and have a brownish interior. 

Benefits of Removing Dead Branches

Removing dead branches is an important part of tree health care, so it’s important to address them without delay. Below are some of the benefits of removing dead branches from trees. 


Dead tree branches are a safety hazard. They can fall off and cause injuries or even damage your home if they fall on your roof. In fact, falling tree branches and trunks are a major cause of roof damage in Connecticut. Dead branches are more likely to fall off during heavy rain and high winds. Deadwood removal from trees removes an immediate safety hazard for your family and property. 

Tree Aesthetics

Tree branch decay treatment improves tree appearance. Dead, mottled, and brown branches contrast with lively, green foliage, giving your tree a decidedly lopsided look. Pruning dead tree branches opens up the canopy and makes your trees look healthy and full of vitality. 

Promote Tree Health

Dead branches can sap vital resources from other parts of the tree, potentially stunting its growth and flourishing. They can also crowd the tree canopy, preventing healthy branches and leaves from getting the sunlight they need. That is why trimming dead branches on trees is so important for young trees—it helps with preventing dead branches on trees in the future. 

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