6 Signs a Tree Needs To Be Removed in New Fairfield, CT

Trees offer various benefits to the environment. Therefore, it can be difficult to do the right thing when a tree looks like it needs to be removed. You’ll be stuck in two minds, wondering when to remove a tree, if you’re doing the right thing by removing it, etc.

As the premier tree removal service in New Fairfield, CT, we can tell you that recognizing tree removal signs is key if you want to protect your property. Thankfully, we know all the right signs a tree needs to be removed, and we’ll discuss them with you in this blog post.

signs a tree needs to be removed

1. The Tree Is Dead or Dying

Once a tree dies, it won’t come back to life someday despite your best efforts. It will only continue to decay with every passing year. You must remove a dead tree quickly because it’s a safety hazard.

Moderately strong winds can send the tree flying onto nearby homes, injuring occupants and damaging property.  

If your tree has lost all of its leaves and has many dead branches, that’s one of the top indicators for tree removal.

2. The Tree Has Suffered Severe Damage

Extensive damage is one of the top signs a tree needs to be removed because such trees rarely recover and will remain a safety risk for as long as they remain in place.

3. The Tree Is Leaning Too Far to One Side

It’s natural for trees to lean one way slightly. However, a tree leaning too heavily to one side needs to be removed as soon as possible, especially if the lean has increased significantly in recent times and now looks like the roots are leaving the soil.

4. The Tree Has Fungal Disease

It’s hard to salvage any tree that has fungal disease. Also, the longer you leave it standing, the higher the probability of the disease spreading across your landscape.  

Some of the top signs of fungal disease in trees include discolored or wilting leaves, significant sap leaks, and mushroom growth around the base of the trunk.

5. The Tree Has Severe Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is a major problem for trees because it makes them weaker and more susceptible to disease. Most heavily infested trees are often usually beyond remedying.

You’ll need to work with your arborist here to confirm the level of pest infestation.

6. The Tree’s Growth Is Problematic

Many people tend to underestimate how large a tree can grow. So, as the tree nears maturity, they’ll have a canopy growing into utility lines or onto the neighbor’s property. The tree’s roots, may also start growing into the foundation of nearby properties.

These situations are one of the top signals a tree should be removed.

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