How to Save a Damaged Tree in New Fairfield, CT

Knowing how to save a damaged tree could come in handy. 

Read on as Arbor Green Tree Service’s experts in tree removal in New Fairfield, CT, share a few tips to give your damaged tree a new lease on life.

how to save a damaged tree

What to Do First To Save a Tree With Damage

Have you noticed a tree that’s struggling? If there’s excessive damage, it’s best to call a professional tree service right away to give the plant a good chance of survival. 

Then, professionals like Arbor Green Tree Service will usually do the following for your tree:

Clear Away Broken Branches

The first step after storm damage is to remove broken limbs. The experts will carefully prune them to leave the branch collar intact (the bulge where the limb joins the trunk).

Repair Torn Bark

Injuries to the bark leave the tree vulnerable to insects and disease, so if you see a large portion of bark that has peeled away, tying it back on is sometimes possible. If you’re lucky, the section may reattach to the tree. If not, at least there’s less heartwood exposed.

Repair Splits or Partial Breaks

If the trunk splits down the middle, arborists can tie both halves together so they knit closed. Severed branches work, too, if the cambium is intact. Many common trees are amazingly resilient and can recover from even seemingly fatal wounds when arborists use cables or bolts to hold them together. 

Prune Judiciously

At this stage, the arborist will trim off any dead wood or damaged branches. If the damage extends to more than a third of the structure, you’ll need a professional eye to reduce the stress on the tree as the pruning commences. Non-professionals tend to overcorrect after a storm by removing most branches, but this harmful process (called topping) will damage trees. 

Smooth Jagged Bark

It may seem counterintuitive to remove more bark, but sometimes, it may be necessary. Even young trees may battle to recover and remain vulnerable to pathogens or insects with all their open wounds. For all trees, clean up any jagged edges so that the tree can heal well.

What if the Tree’s Toppling Over?

A leaning tree or one that’s about to topple needs a professional; this is a dangerous situation. 

While it may be possible to set the tree back in the ground, there may be root damage that leaves the tree unstable.

Is It Time to Replace the Tree?

Another important part of learning how to save a damaged tree is knowing when to call it quits. 

Is the tree leaning at an angle of more than 15 degrees? An arborist may recommend removing it, especially if there’s been severe lightning damage or they must remove most of the canopy. 

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