6 Signs a Tree Needs Water On Your Newtown, CT Property

Knowing the signs a tree needs water goes a long way to preventing drought stress. Surprisingly, the symptoms can be the same as when you over-water the plant, making things confusing. In this article, Arbor Green Tree Service, your go-to tree service in Newtown, CT, clears up the confusion.

Does Your Tree Need Additional Water?

Tree care experts advise that you water saplings weekly until they establish their root systems. After this, they should be able to take care of themselves as long as there’s enough rain. If you’re going through a dry spell or drought, you should give your trees additional water. This makes up for the moisture they would’ve gotten during normal rainfall.

Signs It’s Time To Water Your Tree

Now, let’s look at the ways your tree tells you it’s parched. 

1. Curling or Wilted Leaves

This is one of the top signs a tree needs water. Trees curl or wilt their leaves to reduce the surface area they cover. This, in turn, reduces how much moisture evaporates. You may also notice the tips starting to turn brown.

2. Color and Size

It’s common for a thirsty tree to have discolored leaves that are smaller than normal. If the foliage starts to turn yellow for no apparent reason, your tree needs water. The tree puts out smaller leaves to conserve resources and also prevent evaporation. 

3. Early Transitioning

If your tree doesn’t receive enough moisture, it might believe that fall has come early. Therefore, the leaves will start changing color prematurely and eventually fall off. If you water as soon as you see this sign, you might be able to stop it.

4. Limp Leaves, Branches, and Twigs

Water makes up a large part of the plant’s body. When this resource is scarce, the tree may start to look limp. Think of it like cut flowers when they don’t have the right amount of water. Their stems weaken and cannot hold the buds upright. Eventually, the blooms die.

5. Screw Driver Soil Test

You should regularly test the soil to check moisture levels. Take a standard screwdriver and drive it into the earth to a depth of about two or three inches. If it’s easy to do, there should be enough groundwater for your tree. If you can’t drive the screwdriver in, get out the garden hose.

6. A Handful of Soil Test

Dig a small hole about five to seven inches deep and then feel the soil. If it’s cool and moist, you’re all good. If not, go one step further and try to make a ball with it. If the ball crumbles, water your tree. 

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Now that you understand the signs a tree needs water, you may feel ready to try and save a half-dead tree. You might also want to leave it to the experts for the best possible outcome. Arbor Green Tree Service is here for you when you need us. Call us at 203-615-2496 to schedule a consultation today!

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