How Deep Are Tree Roots in the Ground?

With tree roots hidden beneath the surface, they are a mystery to many tree owners. However, just because they are out of your sight doesn’t mean they should be out of your mind.

Understanding roots can help you better maintain your trees and avoid having to call a reliable tree removal company in New Fairfield, CT.

In this article, we will answer some of the most common tree root questions we come across, including “How deep are tree roots?”

how deep are tree roots

How Do Tree Roots Grow?

Before looking at how deep your roots reach, let’s first talk about how they grow.

Understandably, you are probably more focused on how high your trees grow. However, the roots are a key part of the impressive height your trees achieve.

It takes a tree’s roots between three months and more than a year to establish themselves. Their growth is a response to various factors, such as gravity, soil conditions and the tree’s need for nutrients and water.

When your tree first starts growing, its roots will dig deep into the ground until they hit the water table. Once they do, they will spread out horizontally searching for nutrients and more water.

How Deep Do They Grow?

It’s easy to think that since your tree can grow over 20 feet tall, the roots reach the same depth. However, this is not often the case. A lot of trees actually have shallower roots.

How deep are tree roots? In most cases, tree roots only grow about 6 to 12 feet deep.

For example, the roots of a Redwood tree only go seven or nine feet deep despite the tree’s towering height. Instead of relying on depth to hold the tree up, the shallow root system intertwines with roots from other redwoods.

Factors Affecting How Deep Tree Roots Grow

In ideal conditions, tree roots can grow a lot deeper than 12 feet. However, the environments your trees are growing in have a lot of limitations.

Here are some of the key factors affecting how deep your tree roots will get.

Soil Conditions

Soil conditions also play a pivotal role. One of the biggest limitations to root depth is soil compaction. Roots have a hard time growing deep when the soil is dense.

However, if the soil is loose, the roots will enjoy more freedom.

Tree Type

Root depth will vary depending on the type of tree. For instance, if your tree is native to areas with deep soils, its roots can sink to depths of 20 feet or more.

Professional Tree Services in New Fairfield, CT

It’s easy to neglect your tree roots. However, without proper care, they will find it hard to grow strong, healthy and resilient.

At Arbor Green Tree Service, we provide the professional tree services you need to keep your tree roots thriving. From tending to invasive roots to helping you stop tree roots from growing above ground, we’ve got you covered.

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