What Are the Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard?

Trees make your yard look more beautiful and livelier. However, this doesn’t mean you should plant just any tree on your property. Some tree species grow too large, have an invasive root system, or can be high maintenance, so what are the worst trees to plant in your yard?

In this blog post, a trusted tree service company in Newtown, CT, looks at some of the trees to avoid planting in your yard. 

what are the worst trees to plant in your yard

Bradford Pear

You’ll probably want to plant Bradford pear on your property for its lovely white flowers that also offer a sickly sweet aroma. Sadly, the tree is highly invasive in most areas. Additionally, its weak limb structure makes it susceptible to storm damage, which can be a safety hazard. 

Callery Pear

Callery pear produces attractive white blooms in spring and burgundy foliage in fall. However, its naturally weak branching structure is the reason you shouldn’t plant it in your yard. If you do make this mistake, you’ll have to brace for all kinds of storm damage in wind, ice, or snow. 

Norway Spruce

What are the worst trees to plant in your yard? Ask any experienced arborist, and the Norway spruce will most certainly appear on their “not recommended” list. 

This tree is a native of central and northern Europe and has been a favorite for homeowners across North America. It seems popular for its large yet manageable size and dark green foliage, with the tree’s drooping side branches swaying in the wind. 

However, its fast-growing nature gives it an edge over other spruces, and it tends to reseed itself. The Norway spruce has become invasive in parts of the northern United States and Canada. If you live in these regions, this is an unsustainable tree option. 

Lombardy Poplar

Lombardy Poplar once enjoyed unmatched popularity as a fast-growing screen tree. This tree can grow four to five feet a year, vertically, which is a perfect choice for many yards that need wind barriers.

Sadly, it didn’t take too long for many homeowners to realize that this tree had a limited shelf life of approximately 15 years. It’s quite prone to canker disease, so to avoid the headache of this tree health issue, you’re better off not planting Lombardy Poplar. 

Black, White, and Green Ash

You’ll probably love black, white, and green ash trees for the following reasons:

  • Quick growth
  • Neat, rounded structure
  • Buttery yellow to vibrant red and orange fall colors

They’re perfect street trees, but black, white, and green ash are all prone to emerald ash borer. 

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