What Are the Bumps on the Leaves of Your Trees?

Have you noticed tiny, raised formations on the surface of some of your tree leaves? What are the bumps on the leaves of your trees? In this brief guide, we’ll explain what those mean and what you should do about them.

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what are bumps on leaves

What Are Galls or Bumps on Tree Leaves?

The small bumps on your trees’ leaves are leaf galls and mostly harmless. 

Although they might impact the appearance of your trees, they do not typically indicate a problem. Galls often develop in response to a tree’s irritation that foreign organisms like insects, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, or other creatures cause while feeding. Equate it to when an insect bites a human, and the skin responds by forming a bump.

Most of the time, when you look at galls, the insect is either long gone or hiding inside. Either way, leaf galls usually don’t cause harm, except when their presence overwhelms the tree, leading to weakness. However, this typically occurs after several years of galls or a suspiciously large amount stemming from a specific insect species.

Why It’s Best To Leave Leaf Galls Alone

Now that you know the answer to “What are the bumps on the leaves on your trees?” you may wonder what to do about them. The most common answer is nothing. Leaving them alone typically proves the most effective action to pursue.

If you decide to apply an insecticide, the creature has likely already gone or remains hidden within the gall, wasting your time and effort. Healthy trees often provide these insects food from their extra production of healthy sugars, helping growth. You only might consider addressing gall-creating creatures if you notice the tree suffering. 

Addressing Leaf-Feeding Insects

Some leaf-feeding insects take too much from the trees they reside on, leaving you with a frustrating problem. While galls can develop on flowers and stems of plants and trees, you’ll most commonly see them on leaves. If you’ve recently dealt with a winter that’s left trees vulnerable, they will become more susceptible to damage by leaf-consuming insects.

Consulting with a trusted tree expert offers the best way to determine if gall-producing insects are the cause of your tree’s troubles or if you have a different problem on your hands. Attempting to remove galls or applying insecticide or pesticide treatment could prove very harmful to the trees.

You may need treatment based on professional recommendations if galls remain an ongoing problem from one insect type.

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