How To Mulch Around Trees the Right Way

Applying mulch around your trees’ bases provides numerous benefits that help them thrive while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. However, improper mulching can significantly harm your trees and even kill them in certain situations. Unfortunately, many Stratford homeowners don’t know how to mulch around trees or what the benefits of mulching provide.

So Arbor Green Tree Service created this guide to explain everything you need to know about mulching trees.

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Benefits of Mulching Around Trees in Stratford, Connecticut

Gardeners and arborists mulch trees to insulate them during extreme temperatures and improve their overall appearance. Mulch helps keep trees cool during the summer and warm during the winter, promoting growth while keeping the tree healthy. It also works great at retaining moisture, reducing your watering frequency.

Additional benefits include:

  • Prevents soil erosion and runoff
  • Protects trees from lawnmowers and landscaping equipment
  • Improves the tree’s appearance

However, excess mulch can cause more harm than good, making it crucial to understand how to mulch around trees property to prevent damage and premature death.

How To Correctly Mulch Trees

Many Stratford homeowners believe mulching simply involves spreading mulch around a tree base. However, proper mulching requires specific thicknesses and even distribution to ensure the best results. Use the steps below to learn how to mulch around trees correctly:

Step One: Pull Weeds

Start by pulling any weeds around the tree. Although mulch will suppress future weeds, it’s best to remove any around the trees before applying mulch.

Step Two: Add Mulch to the Tree’s Base

Next, add two to three inches of mulch around the tree’s base while preventing it from touching the trunk. The mulch needs to be at least two feet away from the tree’s trunk to avoid structural damage. 

Many homeowners create a large pile of mulch called a mulch volcano that can cause extensive damage to a tree’s trunk, promote fungal growth, hinder root formation, and even kill the tree. Excess mulch can prevent the tree’s roots from obtaining oxygen, slowly suffocating it until it dies.

Step Three: Evenly Spread the Mulch

Finally, use a rake or a similar tool to evenly distribute the mulch around the tree. Again, you must avoid creating mulch volcanoes; instead, you want it to appear more like a flat donut than a hill. After spreading the mulch evenly, you can rest assured your tree will remain healthy and robust for years to come (if you keep up with its maintenance demands).

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