4 Tree Removal Tools and Equipment Pros Use

What tree removal tools and equipment do the professionals use? In this article, Arbor Green Tree Service, Milford’s expert tree removal services, explains more about the tools they use when diagnosing why trees are dying and fixing the issue. 

The Equipment We Use to Remove Trees and Prune

Our gear falls into four broad categories. What tools and equipment we use varies depending on the type of tree and the project. In addition to these, we also always carry a first aid kit. 

1. Rigging Gear

We use this equipment to climb tall trees and lower heavy branches safely. This equipment also includes the things we need to ferry every cutting and power tool up and down. Finally, this is the safety net for the arborist and ensures they can move up and down without falling. Rigging includes:

  • Pulleys
  • Harnesses
  • Friction brakes
  • Carabiners
  • Rigging plates
  • Winches
  • Swivels
  • Roap

2. Climbing Tools

These tree removal tools and equipment overlap with the rigging gear but incorporate more safety items like:

  • Work gloves
  • Helmets
  • Safety glasses
  • Saddles
  • Protective clothing
  • Straps
  • Radios
  • Spurs

3. Tree Cutting Equipment

These are high-quality, sharp, and clean tools that effectively slice through branches or trunks. They may include chainsaws and:

  • Hand saws
  • Wood chippers
  • Pruners
  • Axes
  • Hatchets
  • Pole saws
  • Wedges
  • Hedge trimmers

4. Trimming Equipment 

There is quite a lot of overlap with cutting tools, but here, you’ll usually see smaller tools such as the following in use:

  • Landscaping tools
  • Saw scabbards
  • Hydraulic tools

Should You DIY Tree Removal? 

You can buy a selection of high-quality tools and tackle this task yourself, but should you? The answer depends on the size of the tree. A small tree with a trunk about an inch in diameter is fairly simple to remove. 

However, larger ones present significant safety hazards. You’ll notice that we have a lot of safety gear, and plenty of our items relate to keeping us in the tree. The reason is that we’re not as afraid of hurting ourselves with chainsaws as we are of falling. 

It just takes on the wrong cut to weaken a heavy branch and cause it to crash down. Without the right rigging, the branch will drag you down with it. Aside from that, trees can act in unpredictable ways, even if you do everything right. 

Search on YouTube, and you’ll see plenty of videos about tree-felling fails. Even something as simple as cutting the branches off in the wrong order can send a relatively healthy tree toppling over. Why risk your life and those of people you care about? 

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Worried about where to store such an extensive range of tree removal tools and equipment? We don’t blame you; you might only fell a tree every few decades, so it’s a waste to buy much of this gear. 

Call Arbor Green Tree Service at (203) 615-2496 instead, and let us handle every step, from applying for the tree removal permit to stump grinding. 

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