Fallen Tree Standing Back Up: Is It Possible?

fallen tree standing back up

Have you ever looked outside one day to discover your beloved specimen had toppled over from a recent storm or strong winds? What if a few days later, your eye catches the same fallen tree standing back up as if nothing had happened?

As one of Milford’s trusted tree removal services, we at Arbor Green Tree Service LLC can attest that this strange phenomenon happens more often than you think. Read on as we thoroughly explain the science behind your landscaping mystery!

How Did Your Tree Become Uprooted in the First Place?

Why did your tree topple over when other nearby specimens in your landscape stayed firmly rooted? The two biggest contributing elements are age and species.

Older trees with established roots can hold up better to strong winds and storms, while younger specimens may not have their root structure as deeply embedded in the soil. Additionally, some varieties, like Norway maples, are more prone to toppling over due to a naturally shallow root system.

Other causes include the following.

Poor Health

When disease, infestations, or physical damage besieges your tree, its structural integrity takes a hit. Watch out for these signs of trouble:

  • Discolored, wilting, or falling foliage
  • Weakened branches
  • Fungal growth around the base
  • Bark that easily cracks or peels
  • Musty or rotten odors

Disruptive Infrastructure Development

When constructing a new home, commercial building, or road construction in your area, engineers must account for underground conditions that can disrupt the soil and destabilize the root systems above. Heavy machinery shakes the earth, while deep excavations lead to exposed roots.

Undesirable Soil Conditions

Shallow, sandy soil won’t offer as much stability as loam or clay, especially when the size of the tree exceeds the soil’s capacity to hold it in place. Without proper drainage, the ground can also become overly saturated and cause the roots to lose grip on the earth.

How Your Tree Returned to Its Original Position on Its Own

A fallen tree standing back up might seem like a miracle, but it has a fairly simple explanation. As storms uproot one side of the root plate (the part of the roots keeping the tree firmly in the ground), the pressure on the other side counterbalances itself, resulting in a fulcrum effect. The weight of the tree plays a role, as heavier specimens may snap or break before they can stand back up. If this happens to you, call a certified arborist before attempting DIY solutions.

What Should You Do Next?

While trees can raise themselves back up in certain situations, you can’t just call it a day and leave them be. What seems like a stable specimen may actually collapse again, especially when it sustained heavy damage in the process.

When you have a fallen tree standing back up, call Arbor Green Tree Service LLC at (203) 615-2496 for a professional assessment and give yourself peace of mind. We also encourage you to read our blog and learn about how to help a dead tree remain standing for years.

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