Do Roots Still Grow When a Tree Is Cut Down?

Do roots still grow when a tree is cut down? The answer may surprise you — the roots can continue to grow. In this post, Arbor Green Tree Service LLC, Milford’s professional tree removal service explains more about why roots grow after removing the tree. 

do roots still grow when a tree is cut down

How Do Roots Behave After You Cut the Tree Down? 

The roots anchor your tree and find water and other nutrients. They’re the tree’s storehouse, so the tree can still grow even without a trunk as long as there’s no significant root damage. This is why the stump can still sprout after cutting the tree down.

Should You Leave the Roots in Place? 

The roots will still seek out nutrients, so if you cut the tree down to protect your foundation, be wary. On the other hand, removing the roots is difficult and leaves a nasty hole in their yard. 

If you decide to leave the roots in place, you should grind the stump to reduce potential growth. A professional arborist can also prune the roots to prevent them from growing. 

If you do kill the roots, they will decompose eventually. 

How Do You Prevent Roots from Causing Damage? 

Now that you know the answer to, “Do roots still grow when a tree is cut down?” you probably realize that removing the tree isn’t always effective. So, can you keep your tree and still minimize the damage?  

Yes, you can implement these tips to prevent the roots from getting out of hand: 

  • Install a root barrier to bar the way. These are made from plastic, metal, concrete, or any material that the roots cannot crumble or barge through. The roots will try to avoid the barrier instead of trying to go through it. 
  • Cut the roots back by no more than a third to stop them from encroaching and not harming the tree. 

Can the Tree Grow Back?

Yes, if you leave the roots in place, many tree species can sprout again. For this reason, we usually recommend a combination of stump grinding and herbicide. Stump grinding removes the trunk to just below ground level, and the herbicide kills the roots. 

Your best solution is to rely on us as professionals. We can remove the tree and grind back the stump so it is as unobtrusive as possible. We’ll then discuss your options for killing the roots through pruning or using an herbicide. 

While we can remove the root system, it is a labor-intensive process that can become costly. Our alternatives are just as effective and don’t leave you with a gaping hole in your yard. 

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