How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Above Ground

how to stop tree roots from growing above ground

Although a tree’s root system provides life-giving nutrients to the rest of the tree, it can prove dangerous when parts of it jut above the soil. You could trip over an exposed or run it over with your lawnmower. As providers of Milford’s tree removal services, our crew at Arbor Green Tree Service provided information about how to stop tree roots from growing above ground. 

Why Do Roots Grow Above Ground?

When tree roots appear above the dirt, they have likely surfaced due to feeder roots putting upward pressure on them. This process is a natural part of tree growth and indicates a healthy tree. However, these exposed roots can still lead to several issues.

As you cut your grass, the lawnmower blades could damage the tree by knocking the roots. You or your family members could also fall and get injured by tripping over the roots. Many property owners also think exposed roots are unsightly when paired with an otherwise pristine lawn.  

How to Stop Tree Roots From Growing Above Ground

If you want to learn how to stop tree roots from growing above ground, try one of the following methods to safely hide them. 

Loosen The Soil

Compact soil is one of the main culprits for feeder roots pushing upper roots above the soil. When the root system can’t push through the soil, it can only move back up toward the surface. You can loosen compacted dirt with the following tree care practices:

  • Water regularly to moisten and loosen the soil.
  • Use an airspade to carefully disturb the soil. You can then mix compost into the loose soil for added nutrients. 

Trim the Roots

Sometimes, you can hire a professional to trim the above-ground roots. Ask an arborist to assess the exposed roots and the tree’s overall health. The arborist can then use professional equipment and techniques to eliminate the roots’ presence. 

Cover with Organic Mulch

Purchase mulch that contains beneficial nutrients for the tree. Cover the entire exposed system with a generous layer of loose mulch. The organic mulch will slowly break down and feed the tree while smothering grass growth. You also won’t have to worry about tripping. 

What Not to Do

Some property owners attempt certain methods that can damage the tree over time. Although these approaches might look aesthetically pleasing, they can seriously harm a tree’s health. 

  • Avoid using ground covers, perennials, or annuals to cover exposed roots. These plants can leach nutrients that the tree needs to survive. 
  • Do not suffocate the roots with inorganic mulch. This tactic prevents water and nutrients from seeping into the ground and can compromise the tree’s healthy structure. 

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