Why You Should Plant More Trees In Your Yard

Without question, one of the greatest benefits of living in Connecticut is the beautiful fall foliage this state experiences. It’s hard to find a prettier drive than the merit parkway in October and November! Although our business typically centers around brush clearing, tree removal, or stump grinding, we absolutely love helping our clients pick the right tree(s) to plant in their yard. Many of our clients have picked our brains about what trees are best in their yard for fall foliage. We’ve compiled a small list of our top picks below! 

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Planting for Fall Foliage

Whenever you are buying or selling a house, landscaping is always important. Minor things like bushes and plants can often be overlooked. After all, if the house has an ugly bush, it’s not too hard to remove it. If the house lacks shrubs or pushes, planting them is a quick weekend job! 

However, it’s not easy to look past a house that doesn’t have mature trees, and it’s not easy to look past a house that has beautiful trees! If you just bought your house and plan on staying there for the long term, or if you’re looking for a house with excellent fall foliage, consider planting or looking for a house with the following trees! 

  • Sugar Maple Trees – In the autumn, these trees will turn various shades of orange, yellow, and red. You’ll definitely need a spacious yard if you want to plant this tree, as they often exceed 35 feet wide and 70 feet tall! But, if you are fortunate enough to have a property that can accommodate this tree, you’re curb appeal just increased
    exponentially every fall!
  • Scarlet Oak Trees – Another large, but beautiful tree, is the scarlet oak tree – or Quercus Coccinea. This tree can have a canopy of 80 feet! The vibrant red and orange leaves will certainly take your breath away when the sun hits them at the right angle in the fall. If you happen to find a house with a mature scarlet oak tree in the yard – you’re in luck. If you want to plant a scarlet oak tree, do know it is a slow-growing tree. Under ideal conditions, this tree grows around 2 feet per year.
  • The Eastern Redbud is another breathtaking tree. This vibrant tree has a beautiful purple/pink color to it. In the fall, the color matures before the leaves fall. Luckily, this tree can withstand various solid conditions – but, it will need its fair share of water during the hot summer months if there isn’t a lot of rain. In just 4 or 5 years, your tree should be at least 10 feet tall, and the color will really begin to show.
  • Autumn Blaze – The autumn blaze tree is a fast-growing tree that will eventually produce a deep red color. This tree is a quintessential tree to New England’s fall foliage. This tree will grow more than 2-3 feet per year, before maxing out around 40-50 feet. The autumn blaze isn’t just a fast-growing tree, it is also incredibly low maintenance! 
  • The White Oak Tree is around 50-80 feet at full maturity and is absolutely majestic. Its deep green leaves in the spring and summer provide plenty of shade, and its red-wine or brown leaves in the fall are absolutely stunning! This tree is famous in Connecticut and it is commonly found. The beloved Merit Parkway has plenty of white oak trees – it’s no secret why that road feels magical during the autumn months. 

Homeowners and Trees

Trees serve multiple purposes to a homeowner. Not only can a tree provide adequate shading or privacy, but a tree is also beautiful to look at. That beauty is fully expressed during the autumn months in Connecticut. As a homeowner in Connecticut, or an aspiring homeowner, make sure you take a good look at the trees in your yard. A beautiful tree today can become unhealthy if it is not taken care of properly. A yard without trees today can certainly turn heads in 5-10 years if the right trees are planted. Connecticut is a state that welcomes various tree species, all of which present their own beauty during the fall months! If you have any questions about the trees in your yard, or which trees are best suited to be planted in your yard, do not hesitate to reach out! 

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