Should You Leave The Tree Stump In Your Yard?

More often than not, if someone was going to remove a tree from their yard, they’d hire a professional to do it. After all, removing a tree takes a lot of work, and there is a great deal of risk involved in the process if you are not a trained professional. However, removing a tree is only one piece of the equation. Grinding or removing the stump is another piece to the equation, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to leave the stump in the earth after they remove the tree.

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Why Leave the Stump?

Why do some homeowners decide to leave the stump in the earth after the tree was removed? The three reasons we hear the most are:

  1. The homeowner decided to remove the tree because it was dead, or because they were afraid the tree would fall during a big storm. They are not concerned with the aesthetics of a stump in the yard, and they are just pleased they can sleep peacefully during the next wind storm.
  2. The homeowner decided to not spend extra money removing the stump. Related to the above bullet, the homeowner simply removed the tree because of safety reasons.
  3. The tree service company did not provide stump removal service. The reality is not all tree removal companies are a full-service tree removal company. Some simply just remove the trees or trim branches. Removing the stump requires different equipment, and this equipment is very expensive. Plenty of tree service companies are incredibly busy just removing the trees, so why invest in this expensive equipment? 

Should You Leave the Stump? 

Despite how common it is for a homeowner to leave the stump in the earth after the tree has been removed, we strongly recommend you remove the stump. There are a variety of reasons why removing the stump is the logical choice, and why it is worth the extra money to complete this service when the tree is removed. 

  • First and foremost, if you removed the tree because it was dead, or dying, the stump will also be dead, or will soon die upon the removal of the tree. Like dead trees, a dead stump can attract insects. Sure, dealing with a fly isn’t terrible, and won’t present a risk to your home. But termites and carpenter ants do. Termites and carpenter ants love dead, or decaying wood. Once you have these insects in your yard, you’re in trouble. Not only can it cost you thousands of dollars to hire an exterminator and kill these insects, termites, and carpenter ants can cause expensive damage to your home! These insects can quickly evade your home and begin eating the wood on the inside or outside of your home. Your framing, decks, floors, and roof can all be destroyed by these insects and can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damage. 

  • In addition to the risk of termites and carpenter ants, decaying wood can bring fungus. If you have animals or young children, this fungus can present various health risks if by chance the fungus was ingested.
  • Last but not least, a stump in the earth isn’t easy on the eyes. We have removed many stumps where the homeowners had no fear of termites or fungus but were just sick and tired of looking at the ugly stump every day. 

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