Beech Tree Disease – Are Your Trees At Risk?

Unfortunately, beech tree disease is on the rise in Connecticut. Also known as beech bark disease, this fungus grows on the bark of the tree after it has been infested with beech scales – an incredibly small transparent or white insect that produces fungus at a rapid rate. Once a tree has been infected with this disease, homeowners need to act quickly as the side effects can be severe. 

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Where is Beech Bark Disease Found?

Beech bark disease is a common problem in New England – although, this disease has started to spread west, and can also be found in Canada. 

What Does Beech Bark Disease Look Like 

You’ll know if your tree has a beech bark disease if it looks like this:

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Beech bark is not the only disease you need to be mindful of. Beech leaf disease, also known as BLD, is another disease you must be mindful of. Beech leaf disease has been recently discovered, and there are so many unknowns around this leaf disease. However, it can be easily identified with dark stripping between the veins of a leaf, as shown here:

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What Can You Do?

Once your tree has been infected with beech bark disease, there are generally a few courses of action you can take:

  • If you happen to catch this disease early, you can use an insecticide to kill the fungus and the beech. If caught early, this method has proven to be efficient – however, catching this disease early isn’t always common.
  • More often than not, the homeowner realizes their trees have been infected after the disease has presented visible damage. When this occurs, we typically:
  • Inspect the entire tree and remove the branches or limbs that have been infected
  • Remove the entire tree 

Proactively Manage Your Trees 

Like many things in life, catching problems early on is always the best way to prevent a problem from spiraling out of control. The truth is, if you inspect your trees every few months, you will have a head start on identifying issues with your trees. This head start may not only save your tree, it can also save you frustration and money! Beech tree disease, or beech leaf disease, can be found during a visual inspection of your tree. Although preventing either disease from occurring is near impossible, you can quickly eliminate the disease from spreading when it’s found in its infancy stages. Looking for other problems, such as termites, is something else that you should do every few months considering how devastating a termite infestation can be.

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